1. James Gillespie


    It has been too long!

    So glad i took the time to click on your link.

    Your take on the course and your experience of it, as well as your observations and statements on foresight, futurists, etc. are very refreshing, and reassuring to me. There are many similarites to my thoughts.

    Of course it came to an end!

    I took a number of units of the Master of Entrepreneurship course and saw the chasm that needed to be crossed to offer relevance and garner understanding and respect for the potential of thinking about the future. Particularly for this seperate species, the ‘Entrepreneur’.

    Those lucky enough to have experienced the course only have themselves to blame if they don’t take the baton and run with it. Each in a slightly different direction hopefully.

    Your observations in so many ways resonate with my reflections of why i chose to apply, my experience during the course, and the large amount of work i have undertaken to use the best of what I learnt, and to explore so much new thinking to direct my current thinking and clarify a direction for my own practice.

    I know that it was the ‘right’ course at the ‘right’ time. My thinking, values, abilities and experience would not be where they are today if i had not been offered a place in that Masters of Science. It was all that i hoped it would be, yet in time i came to realise it bore little relationship to the course brochure description or unit titles.

    So many very bright people, so much good will. So many links to alternative ways of knowing, etc.

    Like you i think learning how to thrive in a space of uncertainty, is critical, and of most use.

    In my case recognising the particular needs of operating in complex and chaotic spaces is paramount to effective leadership. Particularly how these areas fit as a natural progression from traditional business and thinking, and how all can be accessed to allow new thinking, new ideas, new products and services, and thus new and successful businesses.

    It is the understanding of context that opens up possibilities in this space for me.

    If you would like to catch up any time, let me know. Always happy to travel for good coffee and interesting thinking. Thanks for your frank and honest thoughts.


  2. Stephen McGrail

    Hi James,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and sharing your thoughts on the course. Glad to hear my rambles resonated with your experience and had some value.

    For me personally, I don’t fully agree with your sentiment (which I’ve heard others express too) that – roughly speaking – “the course wasn’t what was promised [in course brochure, unit titles, etc], or what I expected, but it was everything I needed…”. I’m not so sure for me that the course was everything I needed. But I tried to keep an open mind and to get the most value from it that I could. It also would have been preferable if what was delivered was more in keeping with what was promised.

    All the best,

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