Revisiting my 2012 paper on “Cracks in the System”

Often I write something and then just move on, rather than revisiting earlier learning and trying to integrate it with what I’m doing now. With this in mind I decided to revisit a recent paper: McGrail, S. 2012, ”Cracks in the System’: Problematisation of the Future and the Growth of Anticipatory and Interventionist Practices’, Journal … [Read more…]

Why is pessimism about the future all the rage?

Richard Watson, a British “writer, speaker and thinker who helps organisations to think ahead, with a particular focus on strategic foresight” has written an interesting blog post in which he asks “why is pessimism about the future all the rage?”. The post is titled ‘Time to Reclaim the Future‘, similar to Richard Slaughter’s recent think … [Read more…]