Climate change and the pursuit of sustainable futures: are we using the best strategies and approaches (and what are they? Do we know?)

This is a huge topic, and one that I plan to return to often on this blog. This post has been prompted by my recent reading of the book The Dynamics of Sustainable Innovation Journeys (Geels et al., 2011) and attendance at the 2013 Sustainable Living Festival. The editors of this book describe three strategies which … [Read more…]

Re-reading Slaughter and de Jouvenel

The last few days I’ve been re-reading some classic and important recent futures texts. In particular, aspects of Bertrand de Jouvenel’s The Art of Conjecture (TAC) and Richard Slaughter’s Futures Beyond Dystopia (FBD) stand out. de Jouvenel: change and foreseeability (a rationale for foresight work) de Jouvenel’s TAC makes the case that investments in foresight … [Read more…]

On sustainability interventions

The central focus of my thinking is shifting from futures work to sustainability interventions. What seems to matter is the efficacy of different tools and forms of future-orientation in sustainability interventions. This slight shift in focus is leading me to further consider: The field of ‘sustainability transitions’, which has a strong focus on guiding, shared … [Read more…]

Emerging fields to review in 2013

One final observation for 2012: lots of future-oriented and futures-related research fields have progressed significantly over the past few years. These ought to be examined by futures practitioners (and will be part of my PhD research). Here’s a couple to watch: 1) Sociology of Expectations The Sociology of Expectations (SoE) has primarily developed in the … [Read more…]

PhD intentions and motivations

The past few days I’ve been reading Useless Arithmetic: Why Environmental Scientists Can’t Predict the Future (Pilkey & Pilkey-Jarvis, 2007), and scanning Gareth Priday‘s Master’s thesis which reviews the recent growth in neuropsychology (along with other areas of psychological research) relevant to ‘mental time travel’ and explores what the implications for foresight might be. In … [Read more…]