1. SB

    Environmentalists do not want to “keep things just as they are” they want to maintain the basic conditions under which humanity has survived and flourished for the majority of their existence. A mistaken slogan of the environmental movement is to “save the earth.” The real purpose is to save humanity.

  2. Stephen McGrail

    Hi SB,
    I’m not sure you can generalise quite that much, though I have noticed that Survivalist forms of environmentalism appear to be on the rise. (I.e. Those centrally oriented towards existential threats and saving humanity).
    I think it’s important to recognise that the environmental movement is not one unified movement, there are many varieties of environmentalism and many different associated social movements. For example, see John Dryzek’s book The Politics of the Earth: Environmental Discourses, and/or my paper entitled ‘Environmentalism in Transition?’ See: http://jfsdigital.org/articles-and-essays/2011-2/vol-15-no-3-march/article/environmentalism-in-transition-emerging-perspectives-issues-and-futures-practices-in-contemporary-environmentalism/

    Thanks for reading and commenting. Much appreciated


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