Green movement an “abject failure”?

A great, provocative opinion piece appears in The Age today by the online editor of The Monthly, critiquing the green movement’s failure to-date “to convert scientific consensus [about global warming] into action”. The opening two paragraphs provide a sense of the overall message:

IF THE civil rights movement were as unsuccessful as the environmental movement has been, Rosa Parks’ granddaughter would still be sitting in the back of a segregated bus.

She might be secure in the knowledge that a global consensus had formed against racial discrimination, but she would still be sitting there.

Whilst the author is in my view at times overly critical of the green movement – rather than also looking at other causes of inaction – I totally agree with his central argument that environmental movement problematically “clings to its orthodox approach” and “a range of [new] responses now needs to be considered, including some radical ones”. The article is an important contribution that correctly points to a major ‘social juncture’ that has now been reached in climate policy and activism.

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