1. A very nice set of thoughts Stephen. I will add some thoughts on the front-end … skip over the middle … and pick up your final point which taks directly to me.

    Super-wicked is interesting and have a look for the concept of ‘feral’ problems (an extension of the tame, wild, wicked typology). The paper is called Feral futures: Zen and aesthetics by Rafael Ramırez and Jerome Ravetz in Futures. It is very good.

    I like your idea of a hybrid approach – not only as you mention ‘play’ – but also because one interest of mine (as you know) is a playful practice of theory. Your engagement may also allow for your co-participants to challenge your mental models too … I am sure they will do that anyway.

    My own experience (of my own interior models – since I don’t know vey much at all about the interior models of others) suggests my mental models are fragile and fragmentary; characterised by fractures and fissions and fusions. This relates to your idea of how mental models interplay (sometimes invisibly!) with scenario plots … in fact this is one reason why I am developing the use of antenarrative and cross-weaving of fragments into textured plots within scenario processes.

    I (for one) would be very keen to engage as a futurist with emerging leaders in sustainability fields to help pioneer and clarify the effective use of futures methods in these contexts … just call (and we can discuss over that pint that sees to slip into the future). Neil.

  2. Stephen McGrail

    Hi Neil,

    Thanks, apologies for taking a week to respond. Just downloaded the paper on ‘feral futures’ and it looks great.

    FYI: the research focus that’s emerging is investing how foresight is done, and could be done better, in the context of coping with and addressing ‘super wicked’ problems. Reos Partners have expressed interest in a collaborative research project which will largely form the basis of my PhD research. I’ll find out in June in it’s going ahead (their partners are discussing the idea; the partners I’ve been discussing it with are championing the idea internally). Perhaps we can discuss further over beer one day!


  3. CA

    Of possible interest:
    Yannick Rumpala, The Search for “Sustainable Development” Pathways As a New Degree of Institutional Reflexivity, Sociological Focus, Volume 46, Issue 4, 2013, pages 314-336.

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