Books I found interesting or that influenced me in 2018

Here’s an overview of some books I found interesting (you might also) and/or influenced me this year: The Righteous Mind by Jonathan Haidt: presents an interesting introduction to the field of moral psychology and theories of moral reasoning. Interesting discussion of Haidt’s views on human nature especially human groupish-ness, righteousness, and selfishness hypocrisy. Argues we … [Read more…]

My emerging philosophy of science (part 3): naturalism, realism and pragmatism

This post draws heavily on two books: Theory and Society: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Science by Peter Godfrey-Smith and A Realist Approach to Qualitative Research by Joseph Maxwell. If the ideas discussed are of interest, then these books are worth checking out as well as Cheryl Misak’s books on pragmatism. Godfrey-Smith (2003) defines … [Read more…]